Immediate Responder Campaign

ICSAVE belongs to you! Our organization was founded on the core belief that every citizen, when provided with appropriate knowledge, skills, and abilities, can protect his or her communities from preventable injury and death. The following educational course series has been created to provide you with lifesaving information and training because the solution to the problem that is injury, trauma and violence is all of us. Indeed, you too can become an Immediate Responder. Watch and join us!

Stop the Bleed, Save a Life

Compressions Only CPR & AED Course

CERT Unit 2 - CERT Organization Course

Verbal De-Escalation & Personal Safety

Domestic Violence Awareness Course

IED Recognition for Immediate Responders

CERT Unit 5 - Disaster Psychology Course

See Something, Say Something

Psychological First Aid

Wilderness First Aid

Sex Trafficking Awareness Course

Incident Management for Immediate Responders

School Violence Prevention Program (88 Crime)

I LIVED – Active Violence Response Course (Part One)

I LIVED – Active Violence Response Course (Part Two)


Help Us Save Lives!

Any donations no matter how small are greatly appreciated, tax deductible and will go a long way toward helping us prepare our communities