ALICE Training

The purpose of ALICE training is to educate local and school-based law enforcement, as well as church, hospital, workplace administrators and safety professionals about researched-based, proactive response approaches to Violent Intruder events.

The ALICE training program is designed to supplement current "Lock-down" or "Secure-in-Place" procedures used frequently in our public schools and institutions. Tragic historic events have dictated the need of enhanced response options to increase chances of surviving a horrific event.

Permitted Uses of ALICE:

The ALICE Training Institute (ATI) holds the copyrights to all materials created for the ALICE training program. Only individuals who have received an ALICE Instructor Certificate by completing the 2-day ALICE training class and Instructor e-Learning course online may use ALICE materials. Only ATI can conduct official ALICE training, issue individual ALICE certificates of any kind, or certify an organization as ALICE compliant. For further information, to include individualized certification questions and needs, please contact the Training Institute at

ICSAVE has an entire cadre of certified law enforcement instructors trained to provide this life-saving course for NO COST. Contact us direct at for details.

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