Banner UMC Hosting Tourniquet-Training As Part Of “Stop The Bleed” Initiative

We are very happy to see Banner UMC involved with the “Stop the Bleed” campaign and proud to say we are working hand-in-hand with them to bring this vital training to the community.

Banner University Medical Center is now offering up two-hour classes on how to properly apply tourniquet. It’s all a part of the nationwide Stop the Bleed campaign.

KVOA | | Tucson, Arizona

Tucson Police officer Doug Wilfert can attest to the life-saving tool of a tourniquet.

On December 1, 2016, Wilfert was shot in the leg while serving a felony warrant at a south side apartment complex.

“They saw how much blood there was, they applied a tourniquet and potentially saved my life,” Wilfert said.

Medical professionals said a person can die from blood loss within five minutes.

“You don’t have to be in the medical field to be able to take care of your friends and family,” Daniels said.

Trauma surgeon Dr. Andrew Tang urges the community to take advantage of the classes in a time where mass shootings and terrorist attacks have become commonplace around the world.

To learn more about Stop the Bleed click here.

To sign up for Banner UMC’s tourniquet classes, email


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