Another Fantastic Year at Fire School!

ICSAVE was honored to yet again be a part of the Arizona State Fire School. A 44-year tradition, the annual event brings together our state’s best and brightest public safety professionals. From the opening ceremonies, this year’s festivities and training programs were diverse, multi-dimensional, timely, relevant, engaging and insightful. Those same qualities in equal measure describe the fantastic group of students who enrolled in our Asymmetric Threats Course.

These devoted public safety professionals brought with them a lifetime of experience and wisdom. Over 20 different agencies were represented and the men and women we had the privilege of training came with a unity of purpose (to make their communities safer). This year’s program had numerous Internationally renowned subject matter experts share their insight, knowledge and perspective regarding the active violence problem facing all of us.

On behalf of our entire ICSAVE family, thank you to everyone who participated in this year’s program. More importantly, thank you for your tireless service to our communities! Asymmetric Threats is a dynamic, constantly evolving program and we hope to see you all, and many others, again next year!


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