2017 Arizona State Fire School Asymmetric Threats Course

Response and Realities of Active Violence Events

The violence of terrorism, both home grown and foreign, enacted by both the calculating and insane continues to impact our national life. For the past two decades, these horrific events have occurred in urban, suburban, and rural areas. Today, every fire service organization, no matter its size, population, or location has the potential to find itself responding to mass murder. And, despite these continually evolving and asymmetric threats, many public safety organizations throughout the country have yet to develop response guidelines. Those that have find themselves struggling to bridge the gap between military and civilian, police and fire, and even volunteer and career. These organizations often struggle to find training solutions that will be effective for their populations, manpower, and equipment.

 This highly interactive, 4-day course will investigate Active Violence threats and discuss the solutions, challenges, and failures of the past two decades. Featuring speakers from several disciplines, this course will be extremely comprehensive. And you will hear from some of the very best teachers on the subject, men and women with direct experience either as first arriving personnel or victims of these horrible events. In addition, our qualified and experienced instructors will offer substantive, integrated point-of-wound care training in simulated on-going ballistic and/or explosive threat environments.  We designed this course to specifically target representatives of public safety organizations who want to be ready for an Active Violence Event in their own first due. Be an agent of change and join us!

For more information or to register go to www.azfireschool.org

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