What is ICSAVE?

Integrated Community Solutions To Active Violence Events (ICSAVE)

ICSAVE is an Arizona-based charitable foundation, created by volunteer professionals from throughout the state who are united by our dedication to the prevention of traumatic events through education, preparedness training and community outreach programs.

Living and working within our respective communities, we actively strive to develop integrated preparedness and response practices and strategies to prevent or mitigate the physical, psychological, spiritual and financial impact of incidents ranging in severity from common workplace and recreational injuries to violent mass casualty incidents


We as a community have all been acutely impacted by the recent COVID 19 outbreak. ICSAVE’s enduring mission is to protect our Arizona communities by providing everyone with free, lifesaving educational programs, services and equipment. Indeed, the health, protection, safety and security of our friends, families, neighbors and various communities remain our driving force and top priority. After consultation with numerous local, county, and state public health authorities, we came to the painful conclusion that we must cease all programs and services until such time as the threat of this outbreak diminishes and we can responsibly educate, train and empower others.

We have therefore redirected our efforts and are actively working with and among you to care for those most affected by this pandemic. When not caring for our own, we serve alongside you in foodbanks, shelters, faith based groups, charities, civics groups, public safety and healthcare organizations. Everyday we see and experience the humility, sacrifice, dedication, camaraderie and resilience of Arizonans. Although we are all living through truly challenging times right now, we will come away from this experience stronger and more resolute in our commitments toward making our communities better prepared and safer places to live. Not because of some outside, external governmental or private entity; but because of each and every one of YOU!

From our families to yours, thank you for your service. Thank you for being the truly exceptional men, women and children you ARE! Community is family. Be safe.

Integrated Community Solutions to Active Violence Events

Our Mission

To protect our communities from preventable injury and death through education, training and empowerment

Help Us Save Lives!

Any donations no matter how small are greatly appreciated, tax deductible and will go a long way toward helping us prepare our communities