2015 IAB Improving AS Response

2015 IAB Law Enforcement TECC Training and IFAK

2013 Boston Race Bombing - AAR

2013 Alabama Active Shooter Strategic Response Plan

2015 FEMA First Responder Guidance for Increasing Survivability

2015 Med Response to Paris Attacks

2015 The Domestic ISIS Threat

2016 Paris White Paper Master FINAL

2016 Callaway Response to Reed

2016 San Bernardino Critical Incident Review FINAL

Active Shooter Study 2000-2013



ALICE K-12 Schools

ALICE Healthcare

ALICE Higher Education

AS Study Quick Reference Guide Updated






Aurora Colorado Theatre Shooting FD Incident Analysis



Columbine - Governor's Commission Report





FEMA active_shooter_guide


SOMA - Winning In A Complex World


final commission report ft hood


Hartford Consensus Call to Action








2017 Cold IVF Resuscitation and Decreased Survival

2017 Environmental Cooling of Warm IV Fluids

2017 Heat Loss in Rescue Bags

2017 LMA for Failed ETI

2017 Tibial IO and Compartment Syndrome

2017 Video ETI Comparison

2016 LMA Proseal

2017 Prehospital ETI

2017 Supraglottic Airway Failure

IAFC Position Active Shooter Events



Improving Survivability in IED and Active Shooter Incidents

Integrating LE_Fire_EMS during HTV_FINAL

A systematic response to mass trauma - The public, organized first responders, and the American College of Surgeons

Active Shooter and Intentional Mass-Casualty Events - The Hartford Consensus II

Battlefield Trauma-Induced Hypothermia - Transitioning the Preferred Method of Casualty Rewarming

Burn Resuscitation in the Austere Environment

Hemorrhage control devices - Tourniquets and hemostatic dressings

Hypothermia in Polytrauma Patients

Hypothermia Prevention in Trauma

2017 Chest Seal Placement

2017 TBI and Hemorrhagic Shock

2017 TBI and Hypotension and Increased Mortality

2014 Hybrid Violence Active Shooter

2015 To Save Property and Lives

2016 NPGS Medical Response in Hot Zone

Surviving Active Shooter Tips 2016

Tactical Spectrum for Schools

2017 TBI and Hypothermia

2017 TBI and Plasma Resuscitation

2017 TBI PFG

2017 WMS Wilderness TBI

2013 Vented Chest Seals

Hardening Schools

Iraq Lessons Learned

Body weight as an IV infuser

2018 Tactical EMS School

Implementation of the Hartford Consensus initiative to increase survival from active shooter and intentional mass casualty events and to enhance the resilience of citizens

Improving Survival from Active Shooter Events - The Hartford Consensus

Increasing survival, enhancing citizen resilience

Initial management of mass-casualty incidents due to firearms - Improving survival

Integrated education of all responders

Intentional mass casualty events - Implications for prehospital emergency medical services systems

Management of Burn Wounds Under Prolonged Field Care

Military history of increasing survival - The U.S. military experience with tourniquets and hemostatic dressings in the Afghanistan and Iraq conflicts

National Preparedness - Letter from the Vice-President

National Security Council Roundtable meetings

Presidential Policy Directive - National preparedness

Public health education - The use of unique strategies to educate the public in the principles of the Hartford Consensus

Role of the American College of Surgeons Committee on Trauma in the care of the injured

Strategies to Enhance Survival in Active Shooter and Intentional Mass Casualty Events - A Compendium

Strategies to enhance survival in active shooter and intentional mass casualty events

The continuing threat of active shooter and intentional mass casualty events - Local law enforcement and hemorrhage control

The continuing threat of intentional mass casualty events in the U.S. - Observations of federal law enforcement

The Department of Homeland Security’s role in enhancing and implementing the response to active shooter and intentional mass casualty events

The Hartford Consensus III - Implementation of Bleeding Control

The military experience and integration with the civilian sector


2017 Comparision of MCL vs AAL for Needle Decompression

2017 ETI Safety in Darkness

2017 Finger Thoracostomy

2017 ICP and Rigid Cervical Collar

2017 Pelvic Fx and Hemorrhage

2017 TQ and IDF Use

2017 Vascular and Fracture Injuries

2016 Wounding Patterns Blasts

The Fog of War in Civilian Counter Terrorism

Threat of Suicide Homicide Bombers IB

2017 Evaluation of XStat and QuickClot Combat Gauze

2017 IEDs CT


Control of Junctional Hemorrhage

TCCC Wartime Spine Injuries IEDs

LVMPD Preliminary Investigative Report - 1 October Mass Casualty Shooting


LAX Final Report

Lessons Learned - Boston race Bombing


MPD AAR_Navy Yard_07-11-14





Post Disaster Reunification of Children-A Nationwide Approach





UFF Active Shooter Position Statement

AA-Top 10 Security Program V.2017.2

6 Best Practices -- Word docs

Intelligence V2017.1

2014 AS Planning Health Care

Hospital Active Shooter Review

Hospital Attacks

Risks of Hospital Shooting

2017 Active Shooter Planning And Response - Health Care Setting

Bleeding Control Booklet (What Everyone Should Know to Stop Bleeding After an Injury)

B-Con Brief Background

Faith-Based Active Violence Incidences

2013 Chest Seals and Pneumothorax

2015 TECC Management of Open Chest Wounds

2017 WMS Chest Trauma in Austere Environment



FINAL TECC ALS BLS Guidelines 052117

Health and Medical Response to Active Shooter and Bombing Events

On Sheep, Wolves and Sheepdogs

What Leaders Can Learn From Violent Incidents at Churches

FBI Active Shooter Resources

Hardening Schools

2017 TECC ALS and BLS Guidelines

A Suicide Bombing at a Concert


ALICE Active Shooter Training Videos


Active Shooter Events in the Workplace


National Survey On EMS Preparedness For Disaster and Mass Casualty Incident Response

Improvised Tourniquet Windlasses - 2015

Optimizing the Use of Limb Tourniquets in Tactical Combat Casualty Care - 2015

Tourniquet by LEO - 2015

Military Experience with Tourniquets and Hemostatics - 2015

Tourniquet Lessons - 2015

Pressure Loss Under Tourniquets Within Minutes - 2016

RMT Width Testing - 2016

Emergency Tourniquets in Civilian Use

Training Trigger - Tourniquet Use Under Medical Protocols

Active Shooter Events in the Workplace

National Survey On EMS Preparedness For Disaster and Mass Casualty Incident Response

Improvised Tourniquet Windlasses - 2015

Optimizing the Use of Limb Tourniquets in Tactical Combat Casualty Care - 2015

Tourniquet by LEO - 2015

Military Experience with Tourniquets and Hemostatics - 2015

Tourniquet Lessons - 2015

Pressure Loss Under Tourniquets Within Minutes - 2016

RMT Width Testing - 2016

Emergency Tourniquets in Civilian Use

First Responder Guidance - 2015

Patient Decon National Planning Guidance - 2014

Terrorism Inside US - 2016

Evolving Terrorist Threat

Policing Terrorism

Blood Use in Field - 2017

MCI Pocket Guide 2007-05-11

Hartford Consensus I-IV

Cop's Lessons Learned San Bernardino attack - 2016

Redefining 'All Clear' in Active-Shooter Response - 2016

Active Shooter and Complex Attack Resources

Workplace Violence

NTOA Response to Reed - 2016

Profile of Wounding in Civilian Public Mass Shooting - 2016

Hartford Consensus Compendium

Active Shooter Recommendations and Analysis for Risk Mitigation

2016 TEMS Medical Records

Iraq Lessons Learned

MedEvac Categories 2010

Modern Military Surgery

TEMS Competency 2011

Tips for Retaining-and Caring-for Staff After Disaster

Flood Water After a Disaster or Emergency

Emergency Wound Care After a Natural Disaster

2016 JEMS Wilderness Medicine

2017 WMS Tourniquet in Wilderness

2017 WMS Junctional Tourniquets

2017 WMS Hemostatics in the Wilderness

2017 WMS BELT Study TQ

2016 C Spine Injury in Blunt Trauma

2016 Cervical Injuries in Dismounted IED Injuries

2009 Penetrating Cervical Spine Trauma

2010 Unstable Cervical Spine Fractures - Penetrating Trauma

2017-10 TCCC Guidelines

2016 King LT Complications

TCCC Change Prop 1701 EGAs in TCCC v16 171015 JSOM

2012 Eastridge Death on the Battlefield J Trauma

Ventilation JEMS 2015 - 3

Mass Casualty Incidents (1999 - 2015)

NFPA 3000 Fact Sheet

UFF JEMS Article

UFF Active Shooter Position Statement

Mass Shootings in America

2017 Texas Church Shooting

2017 Las Vegas Shooting Coroner's Report

Southern Nevada Police-Fire Integrated Operations

2016 Orlando Nightclub Shooting - CNN Report

NFPA Events That Involve Violence

NFPA 3000 Podcast

New Active Shooter NFPA Standard Being Developed In The Aftermath of VA Congressional Baseball Practice Shooting

NFPA 3000 Codes

DHS Active Violence Portal


Causes of death released for 58 killed in Las Vegas shooting

Las Vegas Causes of Death

NFPA Active Violence Research

NFPA Active Violence Realities - Strength in Numbers

2013 CIP Active Shooter Threat

2016 FBI Active Shooter Statistics and Data

Analysis of Mass Shootings in the United States

DHS Active Shooter Booklet For The Public

Grossman - Preparing for School Attacks

Grossman - School Threats 2

Mass Shootings Becoming More Common in the US

Terrorism in America

Bergen United States of Jihad

Jihadist Terrorism After 9-11-FINAL

Optimization of Simulation and Moulage

Bringing Calm to Chaos - San Bernardino Public Safety Response

2016 - Active Shooter Hostile Event Guide

2016 NTOA Active Shooter Assessment

2017 8 TTS Report

2017 House Security Committee

Investigators Foil Dramatic Plan for Another 9-11

Care Under Fire Bleeding Control - TCCC

2016 Bio Dirty Bombs

2017 Toxic Terrorism

2017 WMS Care of Burns in Austere and MCI

Tourniquets Saved Lives in Vegas Tragedy

2017 -IPSA RTF Best Practices Report

2017 Drones in SAR

2017 Tactical Mechanical TQ

Civil Unrest EMS World 2017

2017 Disaster Prep

Southern NV Police-Fire Integrated Approach Saving Lives

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